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In the world of business, seemingly insurmountable monopolies pervasively dominate those without the resources to innovative for themselves. It’s time to level the playing field. That’s why it is our mission to democratize innovation by giving entrepreneurs and businesses the tools they need to survive and thrive. We will meet the machine with a movement, thank you for joining us.

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Our team’s coding ninjas operate on minimal resources and produce profound results. Here are just a few of the Enjin-powered projects we are working on right now.

Kriptomat Rewards

The Kriptomat rewards program offers a complete gamification experience that involves crafting, collectibles, and discounts. We designed it to be the most comprehensive retail gamification programs in the world, and we plan to take it even further.


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The Mint Portal is the easiest way to create blockchain items. It’s so simple even a ten-year-old can do it. We are extending its features to enable more use cases and easier adoption of the Ethereum network and Enjin Platform.


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We are developing the most powerful rewards platform in the world. It will be an out of the box solution that even non-developers can plug and play. Our goal is to scale this solution across the retail market, as well as many other industries.


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Minting Service

Our minting service enables you to create your own cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets with absolutely no effort.

All you need to provide is the token name, token description, token image, token supply, and delivery address.

Your cryptocurrency or blockchain asset can be a fungible or non-fungible ERC-1155 token on the Ethereum network.

All tokens minted using our mint service will be located within the “Vault” collection.

You will be able to store, view, and manage your tokens via any ERC-1155-compatible wallet or blockchain explorer.


“We don’t sit on our hands passively hoping for our tokens to rise in value. We want to help advise, grow, and build the projects we believe in.”

This is your community. This is your story.

Your mind can empower this movement.

Share your ideas and knowledge with our team and community. Create informative and inspiring video, audio, and written content that strengthens our project as a whole.

Don’t hide your thoughts. Beyond Horizon is an exciting and rewarding platform where valuable ideas and opinions thrive. We use these suggestions to shape our community, messaging, and development.

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Share the content you create and find here with other cryptocurrency, gaming, and enterprise networks. Every single person counts.

Every person that joins our community brings fresh perspectives, new life experiences, and more resources. Everybody is welcome here, and we need as many bright minds as possible.

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Knowledge is power. However, most educators tend to teach us impractical lessons with no real-world application.

Our community consists of sharp minds and powerful personas. Community contributions are also often added to our blog. Feel free to submit your own content through the “articles” section of your profile.

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