Beyond Horizon Welcomes Enjin Alum Simon Kertonegoro as CEO

Previously known as VP of Marketing for Enjin, Simon recently switched roles to become Enjin’s Marketing Advisor. Since then, he founded an accelerator and publishing house entitled Parallel Planes, a company that is 100% dedicated to onboarding new Enjin-powered app and game projects. Today, Simon has another exciting announcement to make.

Dear Friends,

It’s been an extraordinary journey so far. Ever since discovering the Enjin nearly two years ago, their vision of virtual worlds powered by decentralization completely changed my frame of reference for how businesses should create value in the digital space. After relentlessly researching the Enjin team and their past achievements, I deposited my life savings into an Australian exchange called CoinJar. I converted the entirety of my modest net worth into Enjin Coin and I have been all-in ever since.

From the beginning, I was a dedicated member of the Enjin Coin community. The first blog entry I ever wrote in my life was about Enjin —it was composed just before the launch of Enjin Coin. Rereading that ill-written opinion piece today reminds me of the electricity surging through our community. It blows my mind to stand here now and see that Enjin has become one of the most prominent and legitimate tech projects in the world. Over the subsequent months, I continued to write about the ENJ movement, and with each article, I became closer friends with the team. Eventually, I asked if I could write for Enjin as a freelancer and after several months of freelancing, it was a natural progression for me to join the team full time.

With its constant innovation and ever-growing momentum, it was just a matter of time before the Enjin project would become one of the most talked-about and trusted startups. When it happened, people saw it as a singular, isolated, overnight event. However, we knew that it didn’t happen as instantaneously as the world thought. All our development, PR, marketing, and relationship-building efforts served to put us in the position to succeed. In truth, our overnight success was a two-year endeavour. We built the trust, reputation, and technical infrastructure that made Enjin a valuable partner and the company is constantly going from strength to strength in all of the ways that matter in the business development world.

Over the past few months, Enjin has matured. Opportunities for the project present themselves at a rate we only dreamed of a year ago. As a result, many of the niche use cases that I personally feel an urgent drive to pursue are off-brand and out of scope. This is why I have reluctantly relinquished my position as VP of Marketing in favour of a part-time role as Marketing Advisor. To be clear, my dedication to Enjin has never wavered since I first discovered the project in August 2017, and my allegiance is stronger now than ever before. However, I know I can do more for the movement as an Enjin adopter than as an Enjin employee. Therefore, it is my absolute honour to join the ranks of trailblazers who are inventing new use cases, attracting new audiences, and propelling us forward as a decentralized ecosystem.

After gaining permission to begin working on self-directed Enjin-powered side projects, I founded Parallel Planes Pty Ltd. This company provides marketing and monetization consultancy to game and app developers who are willing to integrate the Enjin Platform into their projects. We charge no upfront fee to our clients, and we only earn a commission based upon the tangible results we deliver. While Parallel Planes is a promising concept, it’s still subservient to the priorities of others. For the specific use cases I wanted to bring to life, I needed partners whose vision aligned perfectly with mine.

Several months ago, I met Srdjan Mahmutovich on a call where Maxim and I presented the opportunity to integrate decentralized rewards into the Kriptomat exchange. Ever since then, Srdjan (pronounced “surgeon”—because he’s so precise) shocked us with what he and his development team had been able to build in an incredibly short amount of time. In the few months since joining the Enjin Early Adopter Program, Kriptomat used the Enjin Platform to create the most advanced web-minting portal for Ethereum. The Kriptomat rewards program they are currently developing is also looking phenomenal, it is literally the most impressive retail rewards program I have ever seen.

Since creating Parallel Planes, Srdjan and I discussed the opportunity to scale their rewards platform across the retail market and we agreed that it would benefit both Enjin and Kriptomat immensely. We also considered a myriad of other promising use cases for the technologies fuelled by ENJ, and we quickly concluded that we had the capability to usher forth a new horizon in ENJ adoption. Thus, we decided to create a joint venture aptly titled “Beyond Horizon.”

Srdjan has a pioneering, courageous, and solutions-orientated mentality. For decades, he has been a serial tech entrepreneur, and he is already running five successful companies. I have nick-named him “The Bear Grylls of tech,” because of the ridiculous things he can do with very few resources. Srdjan’s team is fast-moving, UX-obsessed, and they know the Enjin Platform inside out. The team is comprised of coding ninjas, operating on a lean framework and producing profound results.

A strong development team is the core of any tech business, and without them, you have nothing. Therefore, I am honored to be named CEO of this project and its gifted team. With a lifetime of business development experience, I know exactly what small-to-large business owners want and need. Therefore, I am 100% confident that we can create solutions that will transform how these businesses operate in the digital realm. As President and COO of Beyond Horizon, Srdjan will continue to oversee the day-to-day operation of our company and technical development of our products. My duty will be to plan out our adoption strategy while simultaneously building sales and marketing teams in Australia, the United States, and abroad.

Robi Hribar is Kriptomat’s project manager, and he has worked tirelessly to make Beyond Horizon a reality. He is a creative and technical prodigy and can be credited for laying the foundation of the rewards platform being integrated into Kriptomat. His knowledge of the Enjin platform’s potential is beyond compare, making him an essential asset to the team. I am proud to announce that Robi will be the acting CTO of Beyond Horizon. He will manage our technical direction and ensure it aligns with our adoption goals. 

Srdjan, Robi, and I have a clear strategic vision for Beyond Horizon, it spans beyond gaming and even beyond retail. We do this for the Enjin movement and the Ethereum community, but most of all, we do this for those who have not yet experienced the liberating power of decentralization The ability to have personal sovereignty over one’s digital value will change people’s lives, and this technology becomes increasingly critical as the world continues to digitalize.

In the world of business, seemingly insurmountable monopolies pervasively dominate those without the resources to innovative for themselves. It’s time to level the playing field. That’s why it is our mission to democratize innovation by giving entrepreneurs and businesses the tools they need to survive and thrive. We will meet the machine with a movement, and we invite every single one of you to join us.

Warmest regards,

Simon Kertonegoro

CEO of Beyond Horizon

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  1. “The Kriptomat rewards program they are currently developing is also looking phenomenal, it is literally the most impressive retail rewards program I have ever seen.” – The price of dragons just doubled.

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