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    What about coordinating with national/international Museums for a cool and fun project.

    I envision QR codes across the globe, each one uniquely defined to the Art it is representing. People visiting the museum can scan the QR code with their Enjin wallet to “collect” a tokenized NFT version of the Art. Like finding Pokemon, but its ART! Gotta Catch’em All!

    Each QR code will have a limited number of ERC1155 tokens minted for it, the rarer/pricier the Art, the lower the amount of tokens are for it. Could even have it so the person scanning has to pay a small gas fee, where the resulting funds are allocated as a donation to the museum that the QR code was found in. Transfer and Melt fees going back to the creators of the project(Me/Us) to provide continual funding to mint more Art tokens.

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    In terms of general use and adoption, I doubt we’d be able to charge gas or tx fees to an average user. But the over all concept is cool. Could be a self guided tour type of thing or an aspect of Reewardio somehow.

    I wonder if we could find a digital art museum to pitch the idea to first.

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    @wanderingtradesmithmvb Good idea and I agree about the fees, better to not add additional ‘troubles’ for onboarding non crypto folks. Maybe something along the lines of OccupyWhiteWalls or within Decentraland?

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    id think to make it an of the shelf app…extremely light and simple… Prepare a sweet concept proposal and take it straight where its supposed to get anyhow… Rijksmuseum and VanGogh.

    Actually… take it world wide immediately…
    Collect all Van Goghs in public musea and win…
    something… Like a Fazers 🙂

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    That would be a cool global concept, something art collectors could really love. Say you have exhibits near your house and you collect a block chain replica of something, and to collect all of that artist – you either have to travel around the world, or trade for it. It could be a real proof of location token with mentions of the museum the piece is currently exhibited at.

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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    This is a great idea, you could even use Reewardio to turn it into a game. You could get the visitors of the museums collect certain combinations of art tokens and craft them into ultimate collectibles.

    Kind of like a museum treasure hunt

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    Like an easter egg hunt when visiting the museum! It could also help guide the person through the museum and engage them further…thinking of how WoW just dangled the carrot in front of you to run you through the world.

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