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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    I am happy to announce the official Beyond Horizon popularity contest!

    If you scroll to the bottom of any page you can see the most popular members of Beyond Horizon. It’s my belief that the people on that list deserve something pretty!

    Therefore, the 5 most popular people on, as of Monday (29th of July), will win crafting ingredients they can use in The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat.

    Furthermore, the most popular person on Beyond Horizon (other than me) will be able to choose 5 friends to send our Founder’s Token to (The Dawn). He or she can only nominate people who don’t have a Founder’s Token yet, and they have to be friends on Beyond Horizon!

    *Make sure you have an ERC-1155 (Enjin Wallet) compatible ETH address attached to your Beyond Horizon account.

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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    Oh, and thank you to the most popular person on Beyond Horizon for inspiring this competition: Wandering Tradesmith MvB ©

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      Awww ♥️👊 respect Simon 🙂

      BTW! Friend me before the 26th, you’ll be eligible to win an ENJoker!

      Even Simon gets a chance to win, and Maxim…cause he’s my friend supposedly too :p

      PSA: Reewardio is the platform that can bring mass adoption to Enjin, hands down, when customers are rewarded…everyone wins. Sales are driven and happiness is achieved.
      Thanks to Enjin and the team at Beyond Horizon, the digital and physical worlds are becomming more and more connected everyday.

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     DJ Chahal 

    I guess I should be popular right?

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    Not fair. Never been popular…
    … on social media. Hey, but now is the time. Looking to the Horizon

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      Love the optimism! It is the dawning of a new era, beyond the horizon!!! Where companies actually love and value their customers.

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    That KeyMaster tag looks like it got an update

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     VeteranforCrypto MvB © 

    oh I had to get in on this 😉

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    what timezone do we use ? any countdown ? :p

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     Enjineer Capt 

    Popular is my middle name

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    Guys, my best friend is @mike. He’s giving away $25 that everyone should be a part of – go be his friend too!

    🎶 Why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends 🎶

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    Thank you everyone who accepted my friend request… lol
    this contest is fun, glad to have a friends like you all… hope we can get along together…

    raindrops sent as my gratitude, have a nice weekend 😘🥰🤞🚀

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      Love your poem! You should start a poetry post for others to share pieces on as well. I probably have one lying around somewhere to share too!

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    -Hello Enjinites

    Only friends are eligible to win the following collectibles so please join and lets be friends.

    Since the beginning of the year I have been learning so much about the Enjin platform and its communities within the community.
    I have been so fascinated with a lot of the projects that have been announced.
    So much so, that my Enjin wallet is currently covering 33 platforms. (Not a humble brag but I want to express my belief in these projects.)
    I do not recommend anyone go out and do what I did, but search and/or purchase at your own risk. I may believe a little too much. 😀

    Anyways, everyone has been so nice and welcoming. Anytime I have had a question or concern there has always been someone there to assist me.

    As a token of my appreciation, I will be rewarding 1 random winner with the following items:
    EA AlterVerse Bundle (Shield, Helmet, Armor, Hammer, plus Elite Lifetime Citizenship)

    Do not worry if you are not selected because another 50 collectibles will be sent out to 50 additional winners.
    The collectibles will be covering the following platforms:
    Forgotten Artifacts
    Crypto Fights
    Multiverse Items
    Kingdom Karnage
    Space Misfits

    These will all be sent out regardless if I win the popularity contest, but should I win, the winner of the AlterVerse Bundle will also have an opportunity to receive one or nominate someone of their choice should they have one already.
    This has all been fun and I cannot wait to see how this all plays out.

    Please feel free to share if you would like.

    LET’S GET IT!!!

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      This was straight fire! I’m still shocked that I won, you have no idea. Also. I’ve soooooo been needing gear for alterverse. I have none…now I’m freaking set

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    I am a popular influencer and semi-troll

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    Congrats everyone for trying!
    All are winners…

    Seems Tradesmith won the election thoug.
    Shall we proclaim him the new Mayor of BHChat!

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    A little late to the party. Hello everyone. Congrats to the popular ones 🙂

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     VeteranforCrypto MvB © 

    138 friends the all natural way no incentives 😀

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