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     Srdjan Mahmutovich 

    We are always open to new ideas and fresh perspectives.

    We see you as our advisory board so please post any marketing and development suggestions here.

    Constructive feedback is always welcome but please be sure to keep your posts solutions oriented. That means, if you have negative feedback please explain how we can create a positive outcome.

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    A “preview post” button would be handy for spell/fact checking our posts prior to submitting.

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    A “login” button? I have to go in through “Join Us” now. If there is a login button, I couldnt find it!
    Also, your emails look a bit sketchy. I thought it was spam at first. I didn’t dare clicking the link in the mail about a friend request. Agree, i’m a bit paranoid, but hell, in this crypto space better safe than sorry. Just maybe update the way your name is shown in the inbox?

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    I found a way to search users, but not specifically to search my friends list. The added friend notifications really swamp the activity list too making it hard to see new posts from friends.

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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    Will have a look at these options, but as you know, all guns are blazing on Reewardio right now 🙂

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