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    Been thinking about getting a group together to act as the Historians of the Multiverse. To keep track of the the interactions between prominent Enjineers as well as the ‘Lores’ of the arising Enjin Game worlds. If we begin keeping track early on it may not be as difficult to do if we intended to down the line anyway.

    As far as histories, I’m focused on Enjineers themselves and the creatures that inhabit the world. The reason I focus on the creatures is for future plans of owning my own Planet in some Dimension that will be a Zoo or Market. If you need a creature for a game, I’ll know where to find it. Also research into the study of these creatures may commence.

    If you are also interested in helping put together a Cryptozologist Guide, feel free to reply your ideas. I’m sure our creative group of ascending Enjineers can come up with something truly epic.

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