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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    Let’s start a wish list of companies and organisations that would be great Reewardio Adopters.

    The Beyond Horizon/Reewardio team will be conducting outbound outreach campaigns so all good prospects will be canvassed and contacted.

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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    My Wishlist includes:

    EB Games
    Melbourne City
    Wyndham Hotels

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    Exciting times!! Your list is bad ass, I have no clue how you gain an audience with some of these names, but I believe in us! My true, heartfelt wishlist is short – Amazon – If we did that, we’ve reached the moon!

    Something more real and actionable though, a step on the way to that wish, are probably going to be smaller and locally owned businesses that already offer customer loyalty programs. We just get them to transfer their clients over that they already have. We could have industry specific models as a blueprint for small business owners.

    Specifically, I’d like to get some marijuana dispensaries and coffee shops on board. Places people go to daily. Then Enjin becomes a daily aspect of their lives too.

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    Although the goal is to expand beyond gaming and retail the obvious pursuit for the US would be the companies involved with gaming consoles and mobile games. (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, etc)

    There’s also GameStop, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, Steam, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter…the obvious ones.

    Outside of that, it would be cool to see reewardio involved with music festivals, children’s museums, IT camps, godaddy, and schools/colleges.

    It would be cool to have an educational portal where you can play crypto games to learn how to use Enjin, Ethereum, Mint, and/or how to incorporate blockchain with art, music, games, etc. The educational portal doesn’t have to educate in a gaming format either, it could just be a list of task that need to be completed but in the process they learn how they can incorporate blockchain in other ways besides gaming. This may spark the mind of someone looking to jump into blockchain but doesn’t know where or how to begin. Reewardio could be applied in various ways by doing something like this.

    Would also be cool to have a entrepreneurial tab for entrepreneurs to connect and network. It would be a Global Reewardio Rolodex of sorts. People could see where and/or who participates in the reewardio program. Could also be a way from business to collaborate with one another or share ideas.

    Just some thoughts.

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     Barbu Marius 

    My proposals ar :
    -Netflix Inc.;
    -All teams of football , baseball,American football …..;
    – Marvel ;

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       Simon Kertonegoro 

      There’s some really good food for thought here, thanks for the contribution guys

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     Simon Kertonegoro 

    I’m gonna add Melbourne University and Melbourne Institute of Technology to the list

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     Daniel Biedermann 

    As a very big Magic of the Gathering fan I just wish for wizards of the coast, respectivly Hasbro. Enjin would be the perfect fit for MTG Arena! However, I know it is quite unlikely…

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    Hi All,

    My Suggestions will be to start with Sports teams (soccer/NFL Football/ Basketball/ etc), they could implement awesome token rewards for their fans, even token tickets for events.

    Clothing brands, we could name from the top tiers to any clothing brand that want to authenticate their products with tokens and reward their customers with Special tokens or discount tokens (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, Levis,Carhartt, DC clothing, Uniqlo, etc, etc)

    Record companies (Universal, Virgin, Fat Records, etc etc… they could grant special collectors tokens with records purchased, even concert tickets tokens for future events.

    Toys and games companies… Hasbro, Parker, Devir, etc… they can reward buyers of their games with Special collector tokens and discounts.

    Food companies, McDonnald, Fosters Hollywood, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc etc… they can reward customers with discount tokens and special free food orders.

    Amusement parks, to have their reward tokens for extra free rides in different attractions.

    Cinemas, to give Special movie related tokens with cinema tickets, even free cinema ticket discounts or Pop Corn, beverages, or candy 🍭 discounts to buy before cinema session.

    Museums in any city, to reward visitors with Art tokens, collection art editions, and to promote art and museum visits.

    Etc etc etc….

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     Srdjan Mahmutovich 

    All LARP clubs and other similar fantasy role-playing clubs/associations/groups

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    Gas/Petrol stations

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    As stated above Wizards of the Coast was what I was going to recommend. Ownership of MTG cards would give me a reason to play the digital version again and future use in Adventure League campaigns of D&D could also find Hybrid (Tabletop/Digital) uses (D&D+).

    If Enjin finds a way to Mint Audio files or even just use the Token for a song as key to a database storing songs. They could partner with Labels and artists to give a form of ownership of songs, also it would allow them to keep realtime analytics of the song and transfer benefits of sharing. You could add a rarity of a particular song in the form of a Remix or Accoustic version at a Show on a Flier w/ QR. In addition new artists trying to make a name for themselves could use this as a method to advertise and get their own music out there.

    This is a way out there one but the SVRA or other forms of vintage/formula racing. With the sale of the F1 Car on Opensea for about $100k at the time. There is interest in that field. Racing games could partner with Racetracks and have Partnered drivers post a QR decal. This could get some younger folks going to the races to look around when the cars are on display and scan for a unique part for that car. This in turn could also give funds to the driver to help fund his car, not that they really need that though but a benefit for them to partner in the first place.

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    Bottle Redemption
    School achievements attendance citizenship
    Civic fundraiser goals
    AA, NA, Safehouse checkins
    Rehabilitation and goals
    Mall attendance or Store
    Loyalty and restaurant
    bike rental and tours
    frequent uber users
    website visit and social tasks
    Youtube watches
    Spotify plays
    Games bought
    Post to this wonderful site!

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    My suggestion goes thus:

    Various popular football clubs
    NBA teams
    Companies in the Fashion industry

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    Bengkulu Enjin Community (BEC)
    Bengkulu is a province in Indonesia
    We are small community, but we are one as big support to blockchain, especially Enjin blockchain
    Active discuss about blockchain and the future by small event, workshop and meeting
    We starting with Enjin wallet, Enjin token and Enjin forums
    So, we so proud with Enjin project. We do not know, why welove this.

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    Sports teams in the NFL would get Enjin major crazy instant expansion. Or any major sports network, that would be epic. Their fans are the real deal.

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    Participant (made by Lucid Sight) if anyone has played it would be a good example of a Sports league connecting with ETH/Blockchain so the use case is already here.

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     Mark Kurz 

    I live in a city with a Silver mint and collect coins and bullion. It would be great to see some actual silver Reewardio coins minted.
    Have the Reewardio emblem one side and a Dragon on the back for Luck.
    It would be good marketing to buy Silver coin and so many Crypto as a package.
    If you were talking to somebody about the project you pull out the Silver coin and show them the Reewardio Emblem.
    Best of Luck

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    All the presales/crates/objects in different crypto games. I’m sure they’d like more sales, and a lot of ppl would throw in even more money if they’d get rewarded

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     Krista Stovall 

    My WishList would Include: 1.The United States Regulatory Commission.LOL!
    2.Fantasy sports
    3. online Cryptocasinos like Bitstarz..ect.
    4. United Nations, United Way, RedCross
    5. Teachers of the Year, Actors(Grammys, Oscars)
    6. Wounded Warriors
    7. State Universities
    8. UUnit’s Community And other start-ups with analytics
    that are unbelievably high in one area or another.

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