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At Beyond Horizon, we believe blockchain is for everybody, that’s why we are almost obsessive in our drive to launch blockchain services that are easily accessible by everyone.

In this spirit, we are happy to announce the launch of our global minting service on Fiverr and Beyond Horizon.

With this new service, we will mint a token with up to 1 million supply for you!

We want to lower the barrier to adoption and educate everyone on how blockchain can work for our society as a whole. Currently, there is a severe lack of understanding about the blockchain’s scope and potential. Therefore, our objective is to introduce the general public to a tangible blockchain experience, by allowing them to experiment with this technology for themselves.

We designed this minting service to be user-friendly and practical. Even without prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency, anyone can jump in and create tokens easily.

There are only five pieces of information you will have to provide:

  • Token Name
  • Token Description
  • Token Image
  • Token Supply
  • Delivery Address

All the remaining details are standardized for simplicity. Therefore, all tokens will feature:

  • Tradability
  • Fungibility
  • Collapsible Supply
  • Minimum ENJ backing
  • Zero trading fees
  • Zero melt fees
  • Standard properties
  • ERC-1155 standard

Our “Vault” platform, viewable on EnjinX and manageable via the Enjin Wallet, will store any items created via this minting service.

Anyone with the desire to mint more complex cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets featuring completely customized options may do so through MintPortal.

The MintPortal is a web-based minting wizard that makes it simple to create assets via the Enjin Platform. The Enjin Platform is currently minting onto Kovan Testnet, but once it deploys on Ethereum Mainnet, anybody and everybody will be able to use the MintPortal to create a custom minting service!

We are creating this minting service to spread the use of blockchain assets beyond the blockchain industry, and for that same reason, we encourage you to use the MintPortal to launch your own minting services and create assets for as many people as possible!

Why should I create a cryptocurrency or blockchain asset?

To be honest, just because you can create a cryptocurrency or blockchain asset, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. However, we are making this service so affordable that it’s worthwhile to mint a currency or asset just for the fun of it.

The main limit to the possibilities of blockchain is your imagination.

If you are looking for more enticing reasons to have your own cryptocurrency, here are a few suggestions:

Community Currencies

Consider this. Maybe there aren’t enough banks in your area, and the people in your community could utilize extra liquidity to stimulate the local economy.

Community currencies are already somewhat popular, but the use of blockchain technology to streamline trade in emerging economies like Kenya has made for some interesting case studies.

You could easily use our minting service to create a custom community currency and start working with people in your area to see if they would be interested in adopting it in some way, shape, or form.

Game and App Items

One popular use case for tokens like these is for use as virtual items in games and apps.

Over 40 games and apps plan to integrate ERC-1155 tokens into their software as of now, and that number grows each day alongside the excitement surrounding blockchain for games. These token types encapsulate everything from skins, items, and currencies within the app to game access and even server ownership.

The interoperability of blockchain assets allows them to be integrated into multiple platforms simultaneously, giving users a persistent experience where their blockchain inventory can essentially move with them through a plethora of different platforms and devices.

Reward Tokens

One of the most compelling use cases for blockchain assets is to administer them as rewards tokens.

Blockchain-powered tokens are unique because people can own them forever or trade them freely.

As soon as something is tradable between peers, it becomes tangible, a part of the real-world economy. This phenomenon makes blockchain rewards so much more valuable than ordinary rewards points imprisoned within a centralized server.

Use our minting service to create awesome reward tokens. One idea is to mint a ton of exceedingly common items and give them out far and wide. Alternatively, you can mint just a few rare tokens and create challenges for your community to complete.

Blockchain reward tokens are more exciting, engaging, and valuable than ordinary reward points. Trying these tokens out is the first step to learning their abilities.

We are also creating a rewards platform called Reewardio that will enable you to create a robust gamified rewards program.

Membership Tokens

Are you part of a group or collective that is deeply proud of your common bond?

We all want to belong to something greater than ourselves. Blockchain membership tokens virtually last forever, so they can act as a symbol of your group’s shared legacy that never fades.

You can also use this technology to create status symbols such as V.I.P. items or rank tokens.

Memberships are a pervasive, powerful, and far-reaching concept. You can be a branded member of a gaming guild, an online community, a local neighborhood, a family, a set of values, or even an ideology.

Showcase your creativity by minting different kinds of membership tokens. The potential for this technology is almost limitless.

We can’t wait to see what you do!


Do you have a special location that you would like visitors to remember forever?

Well, maybe you should consider giving them a memorable token that they will never lose.

Blockchain souvenirs are more memorable than traditional keepsakes because they are everlasting. They aren’t subject to deterioration or physical damage. This makes them an alluring way to promote repeat business or give people a reason to visit a specific event.

Authenticity Tokens

The blockchain provides the perfect solution to combat counterfeit products, in the form of immutable, transparent, and incorruptible authenticity tokens.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer, the process of integrating authenticity tokens into the current business process is quite simple.

  1. You create some tokens to certify the authenticity of your product.
  2. You sell the product and send the customer a token for authentication.
  3. The customer uses the token to prove the authenticity of the item.

While it is easy to create blockchain assets that look similar to other blockchain assets, their identifying properties, such as their creators’ addresses and token IDs, are impossible to duplicate. This distinction makes blockchain the perfect tool for creating certificates of authenticity.

Immortalized Art and Photos

Whether it is a special memory or an unforgettable piece of art, make them eternal by putting them on the blockchain.

Our “Vault” is quickly becoming a repository for creative art and meaningful moments. We are proud to help users immortalize important images by offering these services on a myriad of mainstream platforms.

Another extraordinary thing about being immortalized on the blockchain is the fact that, upon creation, each token features an unchangeable date, cementing that token’s provenance into the fabric of time. Therefore, the tokens can act as concrete evidence that you were part of this historically significant digital movement of decentralization.

Give it a try and mint through Beyond Horizon today!


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