Introducing Beyond Horizon: A Dedicated Enjin-Powered App Development Studio

The team that built Kriptomat, Platformax, and Spletnik is proud to launch a new app development company that is 100% powered by Enjin.

Our team is obsessed with groundbreaking technology.

This compulsion has brought our tight-knit crew success and prosperity over the last 20 years, keeping our organization ahead of the curve ever since the birth of the internet.

Our team already runs five successful companies, including Kriptomat, Spletnik, and Platformax and slowing down is not on our roadmap.

We’ve always trusted our instincts, and it has continually paid off. Now we’re ready to start building something new.

Something big.

Something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Beyond Horizon

We wholeheartedly believe blockchain can change the world forever.

Just like the dot-com revolution that made it possible, blockchain is already leveling the playing field in a society where monolithic incumbents have always dominated.

We will utilize the blockchain to democratize innovation by creating scalable apps that serve entire industries.

We are choosing to adopt the Enjin Platform because it is the most dynamic and complete out-of-the-box blockchain development platform we have ever seen.

We have scrutinized and probed every aspect of the Enjin Platform, and we are confident that no team, outside of Enjin, understands these development tools as well as we do.

Even though its Enjineers constructed the Enjin Platform for the games market, its modular design of holistically-integrated tools makes it the perfect end-to-end solution to integrate blockchain into any style of software, especially apps—which happen to be our specialty.

Building Mass Market Applications

The beauty of adopting the Enjin Platform is that it allows us to focus solely on building intuitive UX for mainstream audiences.

What’s more, we’ve already begun.


The Kriptomat exchange is the rock-solid foundation on which we will build Beyond Horizon.

Entrepreneurs will always need to use Enjin Coin and Ethereum to create and manage their blockchain items, and their customers will need to use ETH to send and trade their tokens.

Those of us who have built blockchain-powered UX understand that cryptocurrency is the main barrier to blockchain adoption. In the past, the process of acquiring it and using it was simply too complicated.

The Kriptomat platform offers a way for new users to enter the crypto market with intuitive onboarding and clear education.

Right now, paying with EUR on is the easiest way to acquire ENJ and ETH in Europe.

We also plan to take our exchange worldwide to speed up the adoption and scale of this burgeoning ecosystem.

Right now, we are also building an ENJ-powered gamification system that will revolutionize the Kriptomat platform and provide our users with a perpetually rewarding experience that offers cold, hard crypto savings.


The next building block that ties our ecosystem together is the MintPortal, a web-interface that enables anybody and everybody to create powerful ERC-1155 blockchain items at the click of a button.

The Enjin Platform powers this sophisticated tool, and it currently enables users to create blockchain items on Kovan Testnet.

The Enjin Platform is scheduled to launch on Mainnet imminently, and when that happens, even a 10-year-old child will be able to mint blockchain items using our Mint Portal.

Minting items on the blockchain is all well and good, but It doesn’t mean much if you can’t do anything with them. We are currently working on solving this new challenge.

We are already developing two incredibly exciting enterprise products that will fuel the adoption of Enjin and Ethereum beyond any other project’s imagination.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on. We plan to astonish.

Beyond Horizon Giveaway – The Dawn

To celebrate the birth of this new and exciting venture, we are launching our own Beyond Horizon Founder’s Token. We are calling it “The Dawn.”

This identity token will signify your place in our history as one of the first supporters to join this enterprise-level movement.

The token will be non-tradable and bound to your blockchain address forever. However, it will attract fully tradable discounts, airdrops, and privileges.

There will only be 1,000 of these tokens available, so join now and take your place in our on-chain hall of fame.

Become a Beyond Horizon founder: Win “The Dawn”

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”

J.P. Morgan

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