We Are Taking Blockchain Assets to the $24 Trillion Global Retail Market

By now, you may have heard that we plan to integrate Enjin-powered blockchain rewards into Kriptomat’s high-end fiat-to-crypto exchange.

You may be wondering, “Why is one of Europe’s top regulated exchanges investing so heavily into the Enjin ecosystem?”

The answer is simple—because this technology can help any customer-facing business in the world gain a competitive edge.

Blockchain solidifies the real-world value of digital items.

It is what gives Bitcoin its immense value, and if used intelligently, it can do the same for many other forms of digital items, especially digital rewards.

But today, we would like to clarify our intent.

We don’t just plan to create a rewards program for Kriptomat. We intend to create a scalable rewards platform that ANY business can use.

What is the Ultimate Goal?

There are six key industries that we are aiming to serve:

  • Retail: An industry heavily reliant on marketing and customer retention that rakes in over $24 trillion in yearly revenue.
  • Travel & Tourism: A market that contributes more than 7.61 trillion dollars to the global economy, where loyalty and reward programs are already commonplace.
  • Food Services: A sector that generates more than $3 trillion annually, where large corporations are leveraging innovative retail and rewards apps to dominate the market, leaving small-to-medium-sized businesses to fend for themselves.
  • Education: Offering awards to high achievers is standard practice within the field of education. Our sophisticated platform immersed within this 2.6 trillion dollar market could help to inspire future generations.
  • Workplace Rewards: This program will also act as a workplace rewards tool capable of gamifying nearly any job.

We are targeting high-revenue industries.

We’re creating a platform specifically designed to increase revenue for our adopters within these industries, which will then enable our organization to bring a chunk of that revenue back into the blockchain market, the Ethereum network, and the Enjin Ecosystem.

Plan and Execution

Step 1: Master the Enjin Platform by Building MintPortal.io


Our first step in pursuing this grand vision was to become experts in the Enjin platform’s capabilities and intricacies.

It’s now safe to say that our team understands this robust and flexible platform better than nearly anyone in the world.

We developed our web-based minting wizard to exude simple elegance, allowing everyday people to create ENJ-backed ERC-1155 tokens—the most technologically advanced form of digital asset in the world.

You can freely use this technology at https://mintportal.io

It is directly integrated into the Enjin Platform which means, right now, you can mint blockchain items on Kovan Testnet.

Once Enjin releases their Mainnet solution to the public, you will be able to use this platform to create real ENJ-backed tradable blockchain items on the Ethereum network.

This minting portal, along with the Kriptomat exchange, will tie into our new rewards platform seamlessly.

The minting portal will enable retailers, restaurant owners, hotel managers, teachers, and employers to create blockchain-based rewards for their unique purposes.

They will also be able to acquire the necessary Enjin Coin and Ethereum from Kriptomat.io.

Step 2: Build the Kriptomat Rewards Program — The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

(Coming Soon!)

We are making fast headway into launching “The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat”, and we are not afraid to say that it is looking incredible.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Kriptomat Rewards program will be launching on the 12th of August!

It will work like this:

  1. Earn Kriptos by referring friends and trading cryptocurrencies on Kriptmat.io.
  2. Use Kriptos to play minigames and earn crafting ingredients and resources.
  3. Use those crafting ingredients to create collectibles that provide discounts and rewards
  4. Redeem those discounts and rewards at Kriptomat.io and earn more Kriptos.

The beauty of blockchain is that we have already partnered with a multitude of talented game developers to ensure that these collectibles will be playable in more than 23 games!

Here is a list of those games. Please show these developers some support, and join their Telegram communities:

Furthermore, we will offer Kriptos and crafting ingredients to games and platforms wishing to use them as rewards for their players and users.

That means, if you want to earn discounts on Kriptomat.io, you should play the games that provide tokens for our rewards program. That way, you can have fun while saving money!

Step 3: Develop Reewardio—A Fully-Customizable Plug and Play Rewards Platform

(Currently in Production)

Now comes the fun part—allowing entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe to replicate the Kriptomat rewards program and customize it to their needs.

If you own a business you can utilize the available Reewardio templates and completely customize them to suit your brand and vision.

This means you will be able to:

  • Create blockchain-based game credits, crafting ingredients, and collectibles.
  • Precisely select what actions your customers need to take to acquire game credits.
  • Modify the drop rates of crafting ingredients and resources within games.
  • Choose the recipes and blueprints that allow users to craft collectibles.
  • Decide what discounts and rewards customers can obtain by owning certain collectibles, as different collectibles will unlock specific discounts and rewards.
  • Customize the branding of the rewards platform to integrate it into your existing websites seamlessly.

We are building an industry-agnostic solution.

From retail to education and beyond, we want anybody to be able to use this platform to reward anyone for anything.

Even if you have kids and you want help getting them to do their chores, you can mint credits, ingredients, and collectibles to gamify their responsibilities and provide rewards for fulfilling their household duties.

If you have a group of friends and you would like to bribe them into saying nice things about you, you could even create your own rewards program to motivate their kindness.

We are not even joking; that’s how flexible we plan to make this platform.

Again, you will be able to use Reewardio to reward anyone for anything.

Step 4: Develop Tokenized Licences—True Ownership of Software Subscriptions

(Currently in Consideration)

We are currently experimenting with the idea of implementing tokenized licenses for Reewardio.

Users wouldn’t necessarily need to purchase tokenized licenses initially, they could just purchase ordinary subscriptions that are pre-paid months or years in advance—at discounted rates.

Then, we could give each user the ability to opt-out of the platform by pressing a button that suspends his or her account and converts the pre-paid amount into a tokenized license that represents the number of days remaining in their subscription.

The tokenized license would be sent to the user’s Enjin wallet enabling the trade of that subscription period via the EnjinX marketplace.

The client who has purchased the tokenized license on EnjinX would then be able to log into Reewardio, opt-in using their license token, and activate the remainder of the token’s subscription period.

This idea of enabling peer-to-peer trade of licenses is currently only a hypothetical use case. As we continue to consider it, we would appreciate your thoughts and feedback about it.

Moving Forward, Fast

Our team of developers has combed through the Enjin Ecosystem, and as a result, we have found that the Enjin Platform is more powerful than we ever dreamed.

We are on the edge of our seats, coding like madmen, on a mission to develop the most robust rewards platform the world has ever seen.

So, when we say that we plan on taking blockchain items to the global retail market, please understand that there is not a shred of exaggeration within that statement—in fact, we are planning to go far beyond.


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